"Joseph Smith American Prophet"

A new and moving documentary that tells the story of Joseph Smith from humble beginning to martyrdom.

From the simplicity and power of the first vision to the tragic pinnacle of martyrdom at Carthage, “Joseph Smith American Prophet” reveals a new comprehensive history of this revered figure. He laid the foundation of Mormonism and his story cannot be minimized. This 2017 narrative beautifully portrays the rich details of his life, the founding of the LDS Church and its early history in New York, Ohio, and Illinois.

The film offers a poignant description of the translation and production the book of Mormon and impact on the community and how it lead to the organization of the LDS church.

While you may know his biography, you've never seen it presented in such a powerful way. Insights into his mission increases faith and can open conversations with non-believers.

In a time when faith is flagging, “Joseph Smith American Prophet” inspires a new look at Christianity specifically and religion as a whole.